Raina (11, USA) on her French Adolesco exchange | Adolesco

Raina (11, USA) on her French Adolesco exchange

american girl and french girl on adolesco exchange have lunch with french grandmother at the table

I had an awesome time on my French Adolesco exchange. I went for 8 weeks and my exchange sister came for 4. By the end, we were great friends. When my exchange sister was here, I gave her a lot of my time. She came along to most of the things I normally do. We also went to the Grand Canyon with my cousins and to an amusement park with roller coasters, which are rare in France.

In France we traveled around a lot and spent a lot of time in my French grandmother’s garden. We went water-skiiing and spent a weekend in Paris. I ate everything even if I didn’t like it, because that’s pleasing to the parents. By the end of the exchange I could understand almost everything people were saying and I could speak very well in the present tense.

On an exchange you should do whatever you can to help, and smile a lot because it makes people like you and it’s easier for your international family. If you do that, you will have an amazing time.

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