Adolesco | Total immersion language exchanges for youngsters
Tailor-made language exchanges for children and teenagers aged 9 - 17 years
The BEST Way to Learn to SPEAK You will be totally immersed in French, Spanish or German for between 3 weeks - 3 months (you choose how long) living with your exchange family. You will be amazed at your progress and can return to pass your exams with flying colours and be the envy of your friends! Read More »
LIVE a New Culture You will experience a different way of life first hand. From daily routine, socialising, activities, weather, food and even perhaps school you will truly be integrated into your exchange families way of life. Read More »
Make a GREAT FRIEND for Life How amazing would it be to have a truly great friend in France, Spain or Germany? Through our careful family matching process, and because you will both travel and host, most of our families become long-term family friends, visiting each other for years afterwards. Read More »

Adolesco Offers Exchanges for Youngsters living in the UK or Ireland to:

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The Adolesco Advantage:

  1. Language

    Whether your goal is to gain fluency in a language you’re already studying, ace your exams, or simply go on a safe adventure and better understand another culture, Adolesco’s immersion experience is the best way to learn French, German, or Spanish. When you are surrounded by a new language 24/7, you’ll be learning it all day long, everyday. With a new family and your exchange partner happy to help, you’ll be speaking and understanding your second (or third!) language before you know it!

  2. Family

    Adolesco offers a personalized, family-centred exchange that means you’ll gain a new friend and an overseas family for life. Our application process can seem long – just ask an experienced Adolesco family – but it is thorough for a reason: we don’t offer exchanges if we don’t think they’ll work.

  3. Support

    Our network of Adolesco representatives in each country are here for you before, during, and after your family’s exchange experience. From walking you through the application and matching process to offering guidance and assistance during the exchange, you can always count on your local representative to be a supportive and experienced guide for all aspects of your family’s exchange adventure!

  4. Flexibility

    With no set dates and the flexibility to plan your travel and hosting periods for the time of year that works best for all concerned, you and your exchange partner and your families can create a customized exchange experience.

and much more…