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Adolesco Representatives for families living in the UK and Ireland

Your Adolesco representative is your personal guide through every stage of your exchange. From the your first questions about an exchange and filling out the application, to guidance and support during the hosting and travelling phases, your representative is here to help. Questions or concerns? Just call or email today, no questions is too small!

United Kingdom

Teresa lives near London. She is a history teacher. Her two sons did an exchange in France for six months and in Spain for three months and had a great experience .
Contact Teresa: [email protected]


Anton KIEFFER is our representative for Eire. He is based in Cork. He worked in several inter cultural organisations and has now joined us.

Contact Anton: [email protected] 

You live in the UK or Ireland and have a question, or you’re ready to receive our information pack?

Contact your representative for British and Irish families today on the email address above, or complete and submit the form below.

Contact Us

If you are not from the UK or Ireland, please contact Adolesco representatives in other countries:

France: [email protected]

Madrid and Southern Spain: [email protected]

Northern Spain: [email protected]

Germany: [email protected]

Canada: [email protected]

USA: [email protected]

Our Head Office is in France, you can contact our Executive Team in France: [email protected]