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Why go on an Adolesco Exchange to France

Enjoy some adventure on a French Exchange:

Most of us have had a go at learning French at school and it is not easy in a classroom using a textbook, especially trying to pronounce the words! Live in a French family for a few weeks and you will not believe the difference in enjoyment and success. You will return to pass your exams with top grades! France is our main headquarters and Adolesco is well known in France as a reputable and experienced exchange company resulting in us having many great families ready to host you.

  1. french-exchange-mapKnow your neighbours

    France is our nearest neighbour, an easy holiday destination and a beautiful country. Being so close it is easy to stay in touch and visit your new friends often.

  2. french-exchange-accentGet the accent

    French is so tricky to pronounce but when you are immersed totally in the language you will really get the hang of it and be the envy of your class in the French oral lessons, and of course the exams!

  3. french exchange foodFood glorious food!

    It is no co-incidence that we use many French words in the English language to describe food. French fries, café, patisserie, baguette, cordon bleu, tarte tatin…You will for sure eat well – even the school lunches are good! If you are adventurous then of course there are snails and frogs legs too, but we promise these are not compulsory.

  4. french-exchange-countryA BIG Country

    France really has everything : the glamour of Paris, the chic French Riviera, the beautiful beaches of the west coast and of course the fun of the Alps, any season is a great time to enjoy an exchange in France.

  5. french-exchange-french-schoolSchool?

    Hurray – you are most likely to get Wednesday afternoon off!

As with all our exchanges you can choose to stay and host for between 3 weeks to 3 months, experience a French school or stick to just the school holidays, the choice is yours. A cultural and language exchange to France will help you for life !


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The French Team

Florence Racinais

Florence Racinais

A co-founder of Adolesco, Florence has many responsibilities including being the rep for French girls and over-seeing all our girls' exchanges. Email Florence Racinais »
Yves-Noël Legoff

Yves-Noël Legoff

Our Representative for French boys. Yves-Noël has two boys himself who have recently enjoyed their exchanges in Spain, the UK and the USA. Email Yves-Noël Legoff »
Xavier Racinais

Xavier Racinais

Xavier went on an exchangae himself when he was 9 years old and now his two girls have have completed exchanges. Xavier is a co-founder and manager Email Xavier Racinais »
Sophie Busson-Aspar

Sophie Busson-Aspar

A language teacher and experienced exchange mother of two daughters, Sophie and her family live near Paris. Email Sophie Busson-Aspar »


“I had so much fun on my Adolesco exchange – I ate yummy crepes everyday and played with my French sister, Charlotte.”