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Why go on an Adolesco exchange to Germany

Enjoy some adventure on a German language exchange:

Give yourself a real advantage if you are already learning or plan to learn German at school with an Adolesco exchange to Germany – you will amaze your friends and impress your teachers! We have some great young people and families in Germany who are ready to welcome you and show you their fabulous country.

  1. shutterstock 3 1000German families are friendly

    You’ll fit in immediately and make friends easily. You might have the wrong idea about German culture – you will be surprised by just how friendly and open family life is.

  2. stock-photo-teenage-friends-sitting-at-caf-using-digital-devices-224136721[2]German school days are shortImagine not having to wear a uniform, finishing school at mid-day, not much homework, and relaxed and approachable teachers. Is that not your dream school? With a short school day, you’ll have time for fun…
  3. camping in GermanyAdventure Abounds!There’s lots of opportunities for new friends and hobbies: from horse riding to biking, hiking, skiing, beach life, dancing, music, and sports galore. Don’t forget, the Germans are World Champions at soccer and excel at many other sports – why not get involved?
  4. Beautiful CountryGo shopping in Berlin, hiking in the Bavarian Alps, or sunbathing on a glorious beach on one of the islands in the Baltic Sea. From fairy tale castles to summer festivals, you will be amazed.
  5. stock-photo-portrait-of-a-champion-celebrating-victory-against-blue-sky-143116909[1]Be original – learn German!While everyone else learns Spanish or French – you’ll be the standout. As a German speaker you’ll be ready to take advantage of all kinds of opportunities now and in the future, such as free university and great job opportunities. And, for English speakers, German is one of the most approachable foreign languages. Ok, some of those words are a mouthful, but it’s easier to pronounce than many other languages.

As with all our exchanges you can choose to stay and host for between 3 weeks to 3 months, experience a German school or stick to the holidays, the choice is yours. A cultural and language exchange to Germany really is the chance of a lifetime!






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The German Team

Johanna Bischof

Johanna Bischof

Johanna has enjoyed two exchanges in her childhood. These experiences had a big impact on her. She is now studying in western Germany. Email Johanna Bischof »
Valentine Capain

Valentine Capain

An exchange to Germany changed the whole life of the French girl Valentine. She now lives in Berlin where she studied acting. Email Valentine Capain »
Thomas Schäfer

Thomas Schäfer

Thomas lives in southern Germany. His 4 children are already grown up. Their exchanges were always an enrichment for the whole family. Email Thomas Schäfer »