Adolesco | Spanish Language Exchanges for 9 - 17 year olds


Why go on an Adolesco exchange to Spain

Enjoy some adventure on a Spanish Exchange:

Even if you have only just begun learning Spanish at school you can pick up the language and get ahead with an exchange to Spain in record time. We have many fabulous families from all over Spain who would love to welcome you.


  1. stock-photo-group-of-teenage-friends-jumping-into-swimming-pool-224122870[1]Friendly and welcomingIt is no myth, Spanish families are warm and welcoming and their extrovert and friendly lifestyle will instantly put you at ease. Many Spanish families live in flats that have a communal area or even pool so making friends can be quick and easy. The food is delicious too, often with friends and family sharing dishes or ‘tapas’ together.

  2. spanish-exchange-sunnyThe sun shines

    The summer season is warm and sunny and with very long summer holidays kids of all ages love to hang out around pools, visit beaches, play sports, dine alfresco and go on excursions. You will love it!

  3. spanish-exchange-chatterboxesChatterboxes

    The Spanish are never lost for words and rarely shy which makes it a fabulous place to go, especially on a first exchange, as there are so many opportunities to listen and pick up the lingo as you go.

  4. spanish-exchange-eveningStay up late

    You will be amazed, bedtimes are incredibly relaxed and you can stay up with your new friends – often with the whole family will be involved.

  5. spanish-exchange-languageInvest in your future

    Spanish is the third most commonly spoken language in the world after Mandarin and English – you will open up that world for you to be able to study, work and even to get more out of your holidays in the future!

As with all our exchanges you can choose to stay and host for between 3 weeks to 3 months, experience a Spanish school or stick to just the school holidays, the choice is yours. A cultural and language exchange to Spain will open up your world!


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The Adolesco Team in Spain



Rosa is our rep for Madrid and Southern Spain. She lives with her husband, and their three children in Madrid. Email Rosa »


Marisol and husband Alberto live in Burgos and are our reps for Northern Spain. Their daughters have been on several exchanges! Email Marisol »


Alberto, Marisol and the girls love travelling and meeting new people and have been as a family on some amazing trips. Email Alberto »


Sophia loved the Harry Potter exhibition in the UK and I loved going to the beach with her and her family in Spain!