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MFL teachers: How Adolesco can help

Adolesco is a not-for-profit association offering individual language exchanges to France, Spain and Germany for children and teenagers aged 9 – 17.

Adolesco was created by two Modern Language Teachers, Florence and Jacques.

As a language teacher, you’ll understand the challenge that represents learning a language without the opportunity to practise in real life situations. We understand that some schools have now stopped their exchange programs and trips abroad. Nevertheless, some children would love to benefit from such opportunities and teachers are sometimes asked by parents about exchange programs independent from school trips.

You know how much easier it is to learn a language in total immersion, in the relevant country amongst native friends: friends who will help you whilst you are trying your best to keep up and contribute to a conversation in their language, friends whose family will care for you and show you their way of life.

Our exchange program helps students make tremendous progress in their learning of a language. On their return, they can raise the bar in your classroom with their love of the country and its language.

Adolesco offers individual, flexible language exchanges to France, Spain and Germany for children and teenagers from 3 weeks to 3 months.

How it works

We carefully match the children and their families from the UK on a case-by-case basis with a child of similar age in the country of their choice. A real exchange (i.e. each pupil travels and also hosts) is arranged for mutually convenient dates for a minimum of 3 weeks and can be up to 3 months. We are looking for supportive and loving families who would care for a European child staying in their family home. No money changes hands between the families.

Exchanges can just be in the school holidays or can overlap into term time with the permission of the individual schools concerned. It can be wonderful to have a well-prepared and motivated foreign pupil in the class for a few weeks and certainly the UK pupils love attending school in France, Germany or Spain.
Any young person attending your school would be expected to obey all the school rules. They usually attend all lessons to observe only, so there is no extra burden on teachers.

 What’s in there for you?

There is little/no extra work involved for you but you will help a few of your students really speak another language and to discover a new way of life and culture. You know that young people grow through their life experiences: they will become more open minded, more self-confident and appreciate the differences between us and some of our closest neighbours. Without a doubt your class or even the whole school will benefit from their passion and experience.

Adolesco will never be in competition with any language exchange trips you currently offer your pupils. It is a total immersion program designed for individual students who would enjoy the challenge rather than for whole classes.

What we do:

  • Children and their families apply directly to us. We process the application which includes a rigorous application procedure in all countries, including confidential references from school (if you  think they are not suitable you have a confidential opportunity to veto the application) as well as independent references.
  • We take responsibility for the success of the exchange. We have over 35 years’ experience in arranging exchanges with bilingual reps in all countries to assist and sort out any issues big or small. Your pupils or their families will have no reason to contact you
  • We will cover all insurances through our own policy or we ensure the families concerned have their own policy.

What you could do:

  • Make your pupils aged 9-17 years old and their parents aware that such a cultural and linguistic adventure might be possible for them.
  • Make the MFL department and other teachers in your school aware of the opportunities we can offer students.
  • If you would like us to send some posters or leaflets, contact us at [email protected]

We would appreciate it if you offered all your enthusiastic students an opportunity to develop their passion for languages beyond the classroom and the curriculum and spread the word about Adolesco and our exchange opportunities.

An example of a successful exchange where the students attended each others’ schools for a term:

Louise adolesco 3 850

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Marcelle Delvaux-Abbott

Marcelle teaches MFL in Oxford. She has lived in many different countries with her husband and her children.
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