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Bienvenue en France!

If you’ve always loved all things French, Adolesco is for you! We have many wonderful French children and teenagers eager to be matched with you for an amazing exchange experience. Read on to learn more about the adventure that awaits you in France:

  1. louvre at nightA BIG Country
    France really has everything: from the the glamour of Paris to gorgeous countryside, the chic French Riviera to the cobbled streets of medieval villages.  And any season is a great time to enjoy an exchange in France – you might hit the beach or have the chance to go skiing.  With a weeks- or months-long exchange you’ll have lots of time to explore wherever you find yourself in France and make great memories with your new French family and friends.
  2. french girl and american girl in franceGet the accent
    Live with a French family for even a few weeks and you won’t believe the difference in enjoyment and success with your language learning. French can be tricky to pronounce, but when you are totally immersed in the language you will really get the hang of it and be the envy of your French class at home!
  3. two french girls and one american talkingFriendly People

    During your exchange, you’ll get the chance to make new friends and really get to know your new French family. French people are friendly and welcoming and you’ll never be at a loss for someone with whom to practice your new language.

  4. Food, glorious food!
    It is no coincidence that we’re familiar with so many French words for food. Patisserie, baguette, éclair, soufflé, tarte tatin… You will definitely eat well – even the school lunches are good! If you are adventurous, then of course there are snails and frogs’ legs, too, but we promise these are not required!
  5. open notebook on tableSchool?

    Hurray – you are most likely to get Wednesday afternoons off!




The French Team



Co-founder and representative for French girls' exchanges;
Florence's two daughters have done several exchanges to the USA and Spain.
Email Florence »


Representative for French boys; two children Manon and Quentin had great exchanges in the USA, UK, and Spain. Email Yves-Noël »


Co-founder and representative for French boys; Xavier also teaches high school PE near Bordeaux and did an exchange to the UK when he was nine. Email Xavier »


A language teacher and experienced exchange mother of two daughters, Sophie and her family live near Paris. Email Sophie »


“I had an awesome time on my French Adolesco exchange. I went for eight weeks and my exchange sister came for four. By the end, we were great friends.”