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A Parent’s Perspective

eiffel-tower-black-and-white_1200Lisa, an American parent, had this to say about her daughter’s Adolesco exchange:

“Adolesco has been *such* an amazing experience for my daughter. I almost don’t have words. I am so proud of her, and so thrilled that she was able to have this life-changing experience. I am amazed by this new person she has become in the midst of this experience — someone so brave, so fearless, so mature, and so confident! As a parent, there is no greater thrill than watching your child take on a huge challenge and seeing them soar.

I have spoken with other parents of adolescents, and I believe that young people this age need to have a challenging experience to initiate them into adulthood and provide them with an opportunity to prove themselves. I know my daughter won’t ever be the same. She’ll always have French, and maybe even more importantly, she will always have the confidence that comes from meeting a huge challenge. Thank you so much Adolesco for making this possible!”

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