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Our representative in Ireland: Anton Kieffer

Anton Kieffer is our representative in Ireland. Originally from France, Anton has been living in Ireland for nearly 15 years. Before settling in Dublin then in Cork, Anton lived and worked around the world, spending extended periods of time in Latin America and West Africa. Anton has worked in the non-profit sector for many years. He has organised and coordinated immersion and educational programmes for hundreds of young people, both travelling to Ireland and going abroad. He has also carried out research on international learning mobility for University College Cork. Anton holds a first class honours Master’s degree in International Development Studies from Kimmage Development Studies Centre in Dublin, and two other first class honours degrees: a Bachelor’s Degree in Geography and a recently acquired B.A. Honours Degree in Business Studies from Cork Institute of Technology. He speaks four languages fluently and is the proud father of three lively Corkonian children!

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