Adolesco | Germany


Willkommen in Deutschland!

An Adolesco cultural and language exchange to Germany is the chance of a lifetime. From medieval history to music festivals, the Brandenburg gate to Bavarian castles, Germany offers a wealth of opportunities for your exchange adventure. Plus, you’ll get the chance to wow your friends with simply awesome words like “Freundschaftsbezeigungen” (a demonstration of friendship)!

  1. german flag with cloudsBe original – learn German!
    While everyone else learns Spanish or French – you’ll be the standout. As a German speaker you’ll be ready to take advantage of all kinds of opportunities now and in the future, such as free university and great job opportunities. And, for English speakers, German is one of the most approachable foreign languages. Ok, some of those words are pretty long, but German is easier to pronounce than many other languages.
  2. german girl and american girl on foreign exchange smilingGerman families are friendly

    Your German exchange partner is eager to get to know you and share their culture with you. You’ll have lots of opportunities to make new friends and practice your new language!

  3. students at table with notebookGerman school is fun!
    If you get the chance to go to school in Germany, you’ll probably be quite surprised at how different it is from schools in Ireland. You’ll get the chance to make lots of new friends, and with a fairly short school day, you’ll have that much more time for other activities…
  4. boys with german flag and football trophyAdventure Abounds!
    There are lots of opportunities for new and interesting activities in Germany, from equestrian sports to biking, hiking, skiing, beach life, dancing, music, and sports galore. Don’t forget, the Germans were the 2014 World Champions at soccer and excel at many other athletic endeavors – you’ll be able to experience something new or get a new take on your favorite sport or activity.
  5. castle in mountains in germanyBeautiful Country

    Go shopping in Berlin, hiking in the Bavarian Alps, or sunbathing on a glorious beach on one of the islands in the Baltic Sea. From fairy tale castles to summer festivals, you’ll be amazed at the huge variety of sights and experiences available in Germany.