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Why Choose Adolesco

37 years of experience and hundreds of participants each year!

Why Choose Adolesco?

Adolesco is one of the leading non-profit organisation for short and medium-term reciprocal international exchanges involving children and teenagers. Every year, hundreds of parents, children and teenagers all over the world trust our organisation.  Adolesco was first established in France and then expanded to various countries including the USA, UK, Germany, Spain and Ireland. In every country, experienced and dedicated representatives carry out the work of the organisation supporting families and their children throughout the whole exchange process.

Our Mission and Philosophy

Our exchange programmes offer participating children, teenagers and families extraordinary benefits.  We aim at creating life-changing opportunities for children, teenagers and families around the world. Programmes are designed to help your children and teenagers grow and realise their full potential while becoming better equipped to thrive in our globalised and multicultural world. Our name “Adolesco” reflects our mission as it means “I grow” in Latin.

Right from the beginning, after the first long-term exchange, we saw that the linguistic results were remarkable but that the human side of the adventure was even more astonishing! It is our aim to create friendships between different countries and cultures, a friendship between two children and their families. To us this is the most important part, because after the friendship has begun, the linguistic benefits will come quite naturally.

– Jacques Pinault; Adolesco co-founder

Over 37 Years of Experience

Adolesco is built on decades of experience in family-centered foreign exchanges for children. Two of Adolesco’s co-founders, Jacques Pinault and his late wife, Katherine, created En Famille International in 1978. They and their team at En Famille initiated and nurtured thousands of year-long language immersion exchanges (six months travel for each child). The very first child to do an En Famille exchange was Xavier Racinais, who went to the UK from France at age nine, over 30 years ago.

In 2011, Xavier and his wife Florence set out with Jacques and Katherine to create Adolesco, in order to offer a shorter version of the same amazing exchange experience to new children and families.

Today, Adolesco is a network of representatives in the USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Argentina. Together with many hundreds of participating parents and children, we are working together to create life-changing opportunities for children and families around the world.

Support from our International Team

Our network of Adolesco representatives in each country are here for you before, during, and after your family’s exchange experience. From walking you through the application and matching process to offering guidance and assistance during the exchange, you can always count on your local representative to be a supportive and experienced guide for all aspects of your family’s exchange adventure!

Adolesco has been a wonderful experience for us: I sent my “baby” on exchange (my daughter was 13) and got a confident, poised, and self-assured young lady in return!
-Kay Watson, Denver