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I’ve been matched! Now what!?


Twice a year, we have the fun of delivering great news to lots of candidates and their families: you’ve been matched! It’s an exciting time and hopefully the beginning of a great friendship and amazing exchange experience – but first, there’s work to do. Read on to understand what to do over the next days and weeks:

Review the application of your proposed match.

1. Each family will receive the application materials of the proposed match.  Please read all of it carefully.  For translation help, try wordreference.com or reverso.net, or perhaps a friend or teacher can help.  Remember that the applications are very similar from one country to the next, so you can refer to your own application to understand which question is being answered.

2. Discuss the proposed match with the entire family.  Although your child will be the one to travel, hosting is a family project.  Make sure everyone’s on board.

3. If you have particular questions, don’t hesitate to discuss the match with your representative.  They may be able to help, and can also check in with the foreign representative for clarification.

4. Let your Exchange Coordinator/Representative know within 7 days whether you accept or decline the proposed match.  This deadline is firm: if we don’t hear from you, we’ll assume you have declined the match.

When you’ve accepted the proposed match:

1. Pay the exchange deposit and sign the exchange contract.  If an exchange is cancelled before either child travels, the deposit will be refunded.

2. Your Adolesco representative will provide you with two very important documents: the Welcome and Departure packs for the parents and the candidate.  You must read these guides before communicating with the other family.

3. Once the contracts are signed (on both sides), the deposits paid (on both sides), and the Welcome and Departure packs read (on both sides), your representative will let you know it’s time to contact the exchange partner and family and start to make plans.  Please do not contact the other family ahead of time – it only adds confusion to the entire process.

If you decline the proposed match, it is sometimes possible that another match will be offered in the current cycle.  In most cases, your child’s application will be carried forward to the next match.

We strongly believe learning a new language, understanding another culture, and growing beyond our cultural boundaries benefits our children, our families, and our world.  The match is an exciting and important part of the entire exchange experience.  We are thrilled to offer your child and your family this opportunity and look forward to hearing about your exchange adventure in the months and years to come!

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