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Data Protection Policies

How Adolesco Manages the Information You Provide

At Adolesco, we understand the importance of privacy and protecting your private data, that’s why we have revised and updated our privacy policies to conform with the General Data Protection Regulations recently enacted in the European Union. This rule is an extension and a strengthening for all European citizens of the CNIL protection (national commission on informatics and liberty). Adolesco uses its own closed database which makes it straightforward for us to conform to these rules.
Concerning the families taking part in our exchange program, Adolesco commits to:

  • Ask for and keep only the information necessary to reach our objective: to offer an exchange, manage the exchange, and facilitate future exchanges.
  • Only share the information you provide with Adolesco representatives and the family with whom you are matched, and ensure the data is not accessible to anyone else.
  • Maintain a register of the data we keep and ensure its safety.

For families who have only requested information and/or submitted a pre-application without later applying for an exchange, Adolesco commits to:

  • Keep the information from the pre-application for five years.
  • Maintain a register of this data, ensure its safety, and ensure this data is not accessible to anyone else.

The general rights guaranteed by the GDPR are facilitated by the nomination of a company delegate. You have the right to request that Adolesco change, correct, or erase any data that you previously transmitted to our organization; you can do so by contacting our delegate: Yves-Noël Legoff, at [email protected].