Adolesco | France


Bienvenue en France!

Most of us have had a go at learning French at school and it is not easy in a classroom using a textbook, especially trying to pronounce the words! Live in a French family for a few weeks and you will not believe the difference in enjoyment and success. You will return to pass your exams with top grades! France hosts head Adolesco’s quarters. Adolesco is well known in France as a reputable and experienced exchange organisation resulting in us having many great families ready to host you.

  1. Your Pathway to Fluency
    After only a few weeks in France, you will have made tremendous progress in the language. Understanding and speaking French will become easier for you and your pronunciation will sound much better. You just have to use every opportunity to get in touch with other people. Learning is fun!
  2. Family and Friendsfrench girl and american girl in france

    During your exchange, you’ll get the chance to make new friends and really get to know your new French family. French people are friendly and welcoming and you’ll never be at a loss for someone with whom to practice your new language.

  3. A lot to Discover
    France really has everything: from the the glamour of Paris to gorgeous countryside, the chic French Riviera to the cobbled streets of medieval villages.  And any season is a great time to enjoy an exchange in France – you might hit the beach or have the chance to go skiing.  With a weeks- or months-long exchange you’ll have lots of time to explore wherever you find yourself in France and make great memories with your new French family and friends.
  4. Food, glorious food!
    It is no coincidence that we’re familiar with so many French words for food. Patisserie, baguette, éclair, soufflé, tarte tatin… You will definitely eat well – even the school lunches are good! If you are adventurous, then of course there are snails and frogs’ legs, too, but we promise these are not required!
  5. School?
    Why not experiencing a French School. Although studies are rigorous, you’ll still have plenty of time to spend with your new friends and family.