Adolesco | Find out if an Adolesco Exchange is for you

Is an Adolesco exchange for me?

Can I go on an Adolesco exchange?

Anyone can who:

• Is 9 – 17 years old (the exchange must be complete by your 18th birthday)
• Is looking for a ‘safe’ adventure that will be unique amongst your peer group
• Loves the idea of travelling and making a friend overseas (and often another family!) and would be happy to help your new friend learn English and make friends at home
• Thinks it is cool to be fluent in another language. This might be to get a good grade in your exams, to keep open options for future travel and work or just for fun.

What is the best age to go on an exchange?

Firstly all our exchanges are tailor-made by you for you so you can go at any age between 9 – 17 years old. If you are in the major exam years you may prefer to stick to school holidays but if not you could go for the full adventure and enjoy some time at a European school (subject to their agreement), it is up to you. The minimum time is 3 weeks as from our experience you will not progress enough otherwise.

How does it work with school?

One thing to factor in is that European schools have much longer summer school holidays than many of us in the UK, often finishing school at the end of June. This offers huge flexibility for you to host in late June/July when things are more relaxed at your school or you could miss the last weeks at school (after any exams if relevant of course) and travel when your European family will be on holiday.

The best time depends on your schooling and lifestyle at home – we can give some suggestions of the best times but different ways suit different families – it is amazing how those that would like to participate make things work out.

If you go to ‘normal’ school, changing to Secondary School at age 11:
If you are very brave then year 5 is truly perfect – you will learn so quickly and have such fun.
After SATS in year 6 (if you school does then, if not you are lucky!) is a brilliant time to travel or host. Imagine turning up to secondary school speaking French, Spanish or German.
Avoid year 7 unless you stick to the school holiday only. It is really important to make your new friends and settle in at home.
Year 8 and year 9 are absolutely perfect! School is not yet too exam orientated so go for it and be super-prepared for your language exams. Learning one language the Adolesco way will also make learning another language at school so much easier.
Year 10 and upwards usually you need to stick to the school holidays but if you want to get a good grade at GCSE and/or are thinking of studying languages at A-level then you will be at a huge advantage for years to come.

If you go to a private ‘prep’ school until age 13:
As above the younger years are superb if you are brave. If you prefer to wait until you are a bit older then in year 8, after your common entrance is a perfect time to host your exchange partner as school is relaxed and there are often some great days planned, or you could travel knowing you are not missing anything of academic importance.

If you are a UK Ex-pat who might return to a boarding school in the UK for secondary education:
Most schools do require you to take a modern foreign language, and they usually offer the European ones which can be hard if you are living in Dubai or Singapore! You could do an Adolesco exchange as long as when you host the young person they will be fully immersed in English.

If you are home educated:
An Adolesco exchange is perfect at any time. You must let us know if you are happy to go to school when you are overseas or not. If you are of course it gives us a wider choice of families match you with.

If you live in Ireland:
The transition year is perfect to host and travel – you can learn a real skill whilst having fun and making new friends!
If you are a UK Ex-pat who might return to a boarding school in the UK for secondary education: